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Saturday, March 5, 2011

inside my college's bag

I was bored few days ago and decided to draw randomly. I drew things that I found inside my college bag :D so here are the things I almost always carry daily hihihi

1. Cellular phones+headset
I have two cellphone. Since senior high school I have used im3 but the indosat coverage in Depok is total failure -__- I didnt want to deactivate my im3 but the coverage was getting worse so I decided to use telkomsel for my bb and still using im3 for my soner.

2. Wallet
I bought this wallet last year when I went with Mia for the last time before I moved here. My dudes are always saying 'why woman loves a big and long wallet?' perhaps because this kind of wallet is tidiest than shorter one. Beside, woman loves to carry only wallet and cellphone so its more handy than the smaller one. Anyway, this big wallet could contain a lot of memorable stuffs :p

3. Glasses
I have suffered miopi since I was in elementary school. Now, the degree is about 2,75 for each eyes. I just bought a new glasses by the way hihi its soft purple :3

4. Pencilcase+mini usb
Its so different having a pencilcase when I was in senior high with my college's days now. When I was in senior high, all of the stuffs belong to my pencilcase will be gone for.. months. Here, in college, its saveddd! :')

5. Grey binder
Yeaa bought it at barel as almost all students here do -__- I know lotta peeps use it here but the grey one is just so cute I cant resist! Mine is big one, anyway I love to print some photographs and stick it on my binder, guess what photograph :p

6. Candies
Yeaaaaa I always bring candies everydayyy hahaha my fav are mentos and dynamite :D

7. Oxford Dict
Since my teacher mostly asks us to bring dictionary so I often bring it. mm. okay not often. rarely =__=

8. Books
Sure we bring books, we are a diligent student :D *ha-ha

9. Sketch book
Still I love to draw some sketchs during those boring general classes hahaha -_- moreover I deleted my ubert and twit for bb so I lost one of my runaways hihik

10. Bando, brush, perfume, hairpin, powder
Girls :p

11. Drinking bottle
Hihi feels like a school girl :p

Thats it. Whats yours? :)


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