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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday, Brilianto Ahmad Fauzan :)

I know you'd be happy somewhere on His side.
I dont know what pray should I dedicate to you because I know you probably could tell God by yourself since you were on His side for these recent years :D

Its been 4 years since you left us. I still could remember it perfectly, those two days. The first day was the last day that we talked, and I was the last person in the class who had a talk with you. You told me you wanna meet Bayu, eh? I called him right away but you were already unconscious when he arrived. The second day, we, me anin ayu, told the class to skip gala together to see you at the hospital. For once in a history, all members were agree! We went to see you, we cried, we prayed, but you were still unconscious. After that, me anin and ayu went to Primagama. Some of our friends were texting me about some suggestions for you. While I was reading them, Ayu got a called from her mom who worked on the hospital where you stayed. She cried and screamed and it felt like I knew whats going on. Ayu told me and Anin if... :''')
I erased all my answers to our friends and replaced it with

"...Uzan meninggal, baru saja :') Mohon doanya ya :') Tolong disebarkan :')"

You know I was dying when I sent those replies, but I havent cried yet. I called my mom, told her, and suddenly I started to cry. All of those tears were flowing along with those shocked calls, those asked texts,..

You went away.. 

I wish I could say I am joking at that time. I wish I could ask you for an apologize. I wish...
Now I wish for you to be happy wherever you are :')

The next day was the worst day ever happened in our school. It felt like.. I dont know how to explain. 

I miss you, we miss you, we all do.

Happy Birthday, Brilianto Ahmad Fauzan.
One of the best men that I ever met :D
and also the most annoying one >:p (sorry cant help bwek)


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