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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EngLit's Day Out!

Yesterday me and my class skipped tue's class together to have an ice skating! haha where was that? at Taman Anggrek of course. yeah I know, its just too far, depok-tomang ._. at first we planned to go there by cars but finally we decided to take public transportation. First we took a train from stasiun UI and touched down at Stasiun Tebet. We took a cab till Busway's Shelter and went straight to Taman Anggrek :D

After that, we decided to have a lunch first. Mitha Nilam Grita went to Central Park's Sushi Tei and Sarah Razan Aji Datu Caca Dimas went to KFC and me Vika Komuk Bonci Dani went to McD. Soon, we started ice-skating!! Geez its been such a loooong time since the last time I played it! hahaha how I miss those times :'D

The rink was being conserved at 4.30 so we decided to go home. we took a busway to cawang and took ekonomi to go to stasiun UI. I repeat, its ekonomi ._. not an ekonomi AC nor express but ekonomi .________. I dont wanna talk about it huaaah but I swear I'm not gonna take that train anymore unless the options are ekonomi or walking ! -3-

Here are the pics :D


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