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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out." - Bill Hicks
yea I feel sooo inline with this quote. sometimes, when I say something 'usual' for me, is counted as cruel for others. Yeah, I'm sorry for having a cynicism... yeah sarcasm also, perhaps:| also, they say "kamu kalo ngomong tajem tapi muka tetep inosen gitu, bikin sebelnya numpuk tauga"._______. uu I'm sorry for having a puppy face ;p

I could be polite, I could say sweet things, I could flatter and please everyone, but somehow I dont think its the real me. its like I am being fake because I'm not showing what I truly feel to people. I've been that way, on junior high. I was the one who say what people want to hear. I preferred to lock down my thought that have to hurt people. but then one of my best, Ukky, said this to me " kalo yang lain bilang ini tu kelebihan kamu, aku justru nganggep ini tu kekurangan kamu. aku ngga tau apa yang kamu pikirin, aku ngga tau apa yang kamu rasain, gimana aku bisa tau kalo kamu cuma nunjukin apa yang kamu pengen tunjukin ke semua orang?"

here I am now, with my sharp tongue :p I know when I have to control this, when I have to watch my words, when I have to stay quiet. but times when I know I should talk it out, you better watch out >:)

on a lighter note, I prefer to show them my bad side, so that I know whose stay and whose go, so that I know who loves me for who I am, and who loves me for what I am not.

I've got the names, anw ;)


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  1. hell yeah, byotch!
    love the sharper you the most :*
    it's like having a fresh air after being corrupted by a lot of fake things.
    never ever change that!
    a nice dose of sarcasm is healthy for brain! ;p


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