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Friday, March 25, 2011

Best of the best!

so I wanna tell you about my bestfriend :>
yeah her name is Lupita Mayangsari Putri, call her thyta :D I have known her since junior high school. She was in class A, I was in class C, but we were together on theatre class. During junior high, we both just had a politeness conversation like 'hai' 'hai' 'duluan ya' 'iya' hahaha :))
when I was entering Teladan, I saw her name on my classmember's list, X International 2. So she was also accepted in this program. At our first period, I rarely sat next to her, but then I started to hang out together with her since all of our organizations turned out to be same, NP and Tonti. I dont really remember when the exact time we started to be together but yeaah we just did, hahaha. Then me and her got into the same class and we started to sit next to each other hahaha and we, along with iza and maman, were just becoming bestfriends :)
Everybody knows we are bestfriend. They said thing like;
"Kalo liat mba nara pasti otomatis sugesti liat mbak tita juga"
"Loh titanya mana, na?" #kalokitacumasendiri
"Nara, tita sakit ya?" #kalosehariangaliattitajalansamaaku
Telling her means telling me hahaha :B whops this is our secret ;p
She have became my bestfriend, until now, until the end :D
She is the first person popped in my mind whenever I want to share
She is the person who knows how to read my real feeling when everybody else believe in what I show them
She is the person I know I can count on
She is the person who stays whenever I am being a bitch
She is the person who knows the truth if I am being 'this' when everybody else judge me being 'that'
She is the person I trust with my whole heart
She is the person who knows all my dirty secret, and still accept me for who I am
She is the person who listens to my stories whenever I tell her, even if it was in the middle of the night, and if it was unimportant thought
She is the first person who ever saw me cry, I mean, real cry, childish cry, yeah
She is the person who makes you think "okay, this is a friend whose become an all-time bestfriend, I shall not let go" :)
Now we were separated. I'm at Jakarta and she stays at Jogja. We have different dreams, and God gives us different ways to achieve it, but I do believe if God will make all of our dreams come true!
Whops I mean she is staying at Jogja for now, I'm hoping it to change so I use progressive instead of simple ;p
I simply miss her :( but I know, it wont change anything. She will always be my best, no matter what :D
Some years later, you will see, me and her, will already becoming a successful lads! We'll be fckin rich, marry handsome men (I hope its Rizky aminaminamin xx), live in another country, and make a cafe. Dont forget those dreams, tit! We're gonna make it ALL real, amen xx
I woff you, titit :}

P.s : this post was inspired by Lintang's.


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