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Sunday, February 6, 2011


This morning I saw someone’s tweet

“sangat tidak mungkin ada cowok lagi main game trus ngepause cuma buat bales sms”

Then I remembered something back there (I don’t know if you remember it too:p) when you were about to play game, dota if I’m not mistaken, I texted you and asked you to enjoy the game and text me when its done. What shocked me was... You refused it and said you could handle both.

Lately you’ve been wondering do you ever make me happy. You said that forgive me, I’m not compatible enough for a chat, I couldn’t find the words to cheer you, I don’t even know how, and blablabla.

The point is, honestly... Sugar, you don’t have to try to make me happy. Those simple things, like I’ve just remembered this morning, they make me happy already. You don’t have to think what should you do in order to cheer me or somewhat, just be yourself. Just be what we used to be, talked about anything, shared stories, teased each other.. I don’t need wise words from you whenever I got problems, I still could use my own ;p I need you, yourself, the way you used to do with me. I need laughter, I need smile, which I could always find whenever I’m with you.

Sugar, I’m in love with our simple conversation. Let me tell you this, before we’re tied, whenever I got problems and my head got stuck somewhere, I could forget it whenever you said hello to me (uhuk) means, you are my perfect distraction.

Don’t try anything you’re not sugar, just be you. It hurts when you said sorry, and sometimes I get so upset and it leads to anger because of it. That’s because when you don’t know what to do, you choose to be quiet eh? :p what hurts is when I need you, I don’t feel you. Sugar, all I need is just a place to lean on. A shoulders, you know how much I love your shoulders :3 but aside, a presence is the most. I need to feel that you’re always there for me, it pleases me already. I don’t know if I’m being selfish or what, but please stay sugar. Stay, whenever I yell and ask you to go. Stay, although my words are annoying and hurting. Stay, although you don’t know what to say. Please stay, sugar. This one I’m begging you ;)

Stay, and just be yourself. Make me forget if I have problems. Make me forget about my grumble. Drown me in to you, like you always do without you even realize.

If you ask me “Do I ever make you happy?”; I’ll say “You’re my biggest happiness.”

I love you, sugar J

P.S : bite!bite!bite!bite!bite!graaawr :p


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