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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

gain friends, gain haters.

back then, I opened my formspring and found some questions that seemed a bit filled of hatred :p dunno, perhaps it was my friend tried to joke on me or what. I answered that, but with so-so words. then I changed some rules and then those kind of quests dont exist anymore.

it got me reminiscing those times eheh

yea, the time while I was still a student in Jogja. well, Jogja is such a small place! I mean, if you go somewhere at Jogja the probability of seeing people you know is sooo big. when I was still a student, I suffered this. why I said so? because walking along with ppl's eyes staring on you wasnt relaxing. I didnt notice this, my friends did. in fact, they got themselves used to it already whenever they hang out with me. and it wasnt surprising when somebody talked to you said 'hi' but you didnt know who the hell he/she is. this thing, probably, caused by social networks. yeah, we make friends with them only knowing their names/nicks then when we meet in the real world, we feel strange. yeah I've thru that time. a lot. uhuk

what I noticed was people seemed to talk about certain person. and the circle between these 'certain person' made we seemed like we know each other tho we actually dont. if one people has a lot of friends and theyre everywhere, the others call that people 'eksis' (exist seems not suitable enough so I'll keep it in bahasa). as what I saw, having a lot of friends also has a negative side. people around will start to notice you, they will know you, they will watch your steps, they would love to talk about you. I'm not exaggerating this but its quite true. gain friends, gain haters.

funny thing was, I once had a cold war with my friend outside the school. I actually didnt know much about the problem itself, but then I found out some people outside me&my used-to friend even know the problem better than I did ._. when I asked them, they said they knew it somewhere from their friends discussion. haha. I laughed, a lot. they brought some facts I didnt even know. uuuu -_-

these are why I'm saying Jogja is a small place.


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