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Saturday, February 5, 2011

2nd period

yellow! its been a while since I posted something from Unica :3 6 amazing weeks at Jogja were over and its time for me to study again. 2nd period will be held two days forward. anyway, my 1st period's IP wasnt as bad as I have expected. mine is 3,57 :3 and I got 3 A- :3 haha I failed one subject tho, nevermind la~ :p
yeah at first I was expecting my IP to be at least 3, my 1st period was a mess. I've drown in PK (and laziness) so I skipped a lot of classes and did gossiping during the class --" my bad, I'm sorry. now, I have a target :
2nd period will be mine >:)
haha yeah it will be, its going to be, it has to be! I want to graduate from UI with a cumlaude mark! ...................................well I dont know if its just too much for me or somewhat, but I want to be called as a cumlaude graduated student at the graduation ceremony and those new students yell and clap their hands for me (okay now this sounds too much)

they say, MPK B, a subject for my 2nd period will contain basic math and basic physic. what a joke eh? ha-ha-ha -_____________________- its gonna be fun then *crossfingers*
the best part is.. fonfol was over HAHAHA but I have morfologi sintaksis for 2nd period. mam luci told me back then if morfologi sintaksis will be easier than fonfol, but I doubt mam lucy's degree of hard-and-easy =__=

fyi, my schedule for 2nd period IS SUCH A TOTAL MESS!!! moreover if I compare it with 1st one, geeeeez I'm not sure I could have time to go back to Jogja outside the main holiday U,U its hard to leave Jogja back then...but I wont talk about it at this post, that one deserves a single post ;p

new classmate, new schedule, new spirit, I'm sooooo into 2nd period >:3


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