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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I asked, can you? you yessed, and asked me back, can I?
I took a glance and said yea, I can, because I want to, means I can.

yea, I want it. I want to hold on. I want to make it. if you ask me why I want to do this LDR, I dont know. all I know is, I want you. I want to be with you. I want to face those things called distances and any other shits with you. sometimes I do wonder, whats our aim, I mean, till when do we have to deal this, but, future is something we shouldnt be worried about, its something encourages us to strive. you wanna be happy? I do, I wanna be happy, I want this to work, then lets try :3

but honey, I get scared sometimes, like I do now. I know I wont be home too often like I just did, once a month :( I'm scared.. if I could handle myself from missing you. it sounds too dangdut but its true uhuhuh. plus, we spent these days together, I already get used to wake up, planning what will we do today, breakfast, shower, then drive to your house. aaaaaa blublublup =____= the thought of those days forward at jekardah makes me misses you already :(
hyperbole eh? hahahahadunno ._.

I do hope its a hyperbole so that missing you further wont be that torturing.

p.s : hey cute stalker, I guess you will read this tho idk when lalala dont say I'm not telling you this, told cha alrd somewhere back there weeeeeeek :----p kisseshugspokes ;)


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