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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

am I wrong to feel this?

am I being selfish for want you whenever I get upset and down?
am I being selfish for need you whenever I get so pissed and bitched?
am I being selfish to feel disappointed whenever you're not there?

at back there, at my previous status, I am the girl who easily back up and be fine without a hand from anyone. yeah, always fine. I mean, my bestf were always there, but it wasnt a dependance.
but now, I just couldnt do it easily. am I being weak or somewhat in a dependance of you? I know its not good, trust me I've tried so hard not to lean on you, because I know you cant always be there for me. looks like you're the type of a guy who doesnt really give a damn about things that outside your box, or its like "gamau ribet". I just have to stop being selfish and begin to deal with my own things. my own life.

but why it feels so damn hard? you know, I do really mean it when I told you about half. I just wonder if... ngg :|

I dont know if its right or wrong, I just dont know. all I know, this one that we have should strengthen, not weaken.
okay, chin up, its only a matter of time.

anw, am I wrong for tearing while typing this?


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