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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hngg :3

Here I am, laying, typing, with Wonderwall playing along. This song always leads my mind to you. We both love this song, aren’t we? You once told me that this song fits us, long way before we ‘re tied. I kinda miss those moments, hahah, I miss those no mention updates, I miss those goodnights, I miss those hellos, I miss those wondering where you had been today (thou I’m still doing it in present;p), I miss wondering what’s on your mind (this one either!), I miss those silly chats, I miss those random texts, I miss checking your profile as my replies page, I miss stalking you, I miss feeling blind, I miss staying up late just to catch up with you, I miss those giggles and laughter and else.

I, somehow, miss that time :B

outting ♥

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