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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Inequality leads into destruction in a relationship. These two stories, Death by Scrabble and The Unicorn in The Garden, show inequality marriages that end bad. Which in these cases, the wives are more dominate. In some culture and religion, husband should be the one who dominates a marriage. Men are born to be leader, but that doesn’t mean he has to dominate the whole marriage. Men and women are having the same right and they are equal to each other.

Usually, inequality comes from lack of respect situation. For an example, if husband respects his wife as well as he should, he would not be rude or mean to his wife. Nowadays, there’s a lot of violence in marriage. It could be from the husband that feels more superior to the wife so he thinks he could do whatever he wants to his wife. There are a lot of wives that disrespect their husbands too. They feel their husbands are not proper enough to be theirs, or they feel they are greater than the husbands. Underestimating husbands, playing dominate, doing what they want to do without caring their husbands, so on.

In these stories, mutual respect is gone. At Death by Scrabble, The Husband and The Wife are so not into couple anymore. They hate each other so much and likely do random things just to piss off their mates. This story ends with the death of The Husband, by his wife. The writer uses scrabble to symbolize the marriage’s condition in this story. The writer shows the condition from the words they choose to play. They are trying to kill each other with Scrabble that’s jinxed. It symbolizes a condition of an inequality marriage. If we hold on into an inequality marriage without fixing it is just the same as killing ourselves slowly.

At The Unicorn in The Garden, The Wife underestimates The Husband. The Husband seems to be fed up then he throws his wife away and lives happily ever after. It shows that The Husband is unhappy living together with his wife. It also shows an inequality marriage.

The Husband in Death by Scrabble is described as pathetic 42-years-old that lives under the pressure of his wife. He grumbles a lot about how sad living a marriage with his wife, but somehow he is too afraid of saying all of those grumbles directly to his wife.

“It’s a hot day and I hate my wife. We’re playing Scrabble. That’s how bad it is. I’m 42 years old, it’s a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all I can think of to do with my life is to play Scrabble.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 1-3)

“Clack, clack, clack. I hate her. If she wasn’t around I’d be doing something interesting right now.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 8-9)

“For some reasons, I hate her more.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 28)

“This is why I hate my wife.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 31)

“..and I’m going to start hitting her again and again and again.” (Death by Scrabble, line 37)

“I really, really hate her.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 48)

“If only there was some way for me to get rid of her.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 55)

It states that his time with his wife is boring but he can’t do anything about that. If a marriage walks equally, couple can compromise things. The Husband actually can compromise if he hates playing Scrabble. They both can find any other solution that makes they both happy. Also he hates his wife. He keeps repeating how much he hates his wife, and how every little thing she does is annoying in his eyes. He seems to keep the hatred inside but he doesn’t brave enough to show it. Their marriage seems to be controlled by his wife. It’s quite different with The Husband at The Unicorn in The Garden. The Husband in The Unicorn in The Garden may look like a fool from the start by seeing a white unicorn in the garden but at the end he’s the one who fools his wife. Actually, these two men have the same hatred with their wives, but The Husband in The Unicorn in The Garden seems to be smarter than The Husband in Death by Scrabble. The Husband in the Unicorn in The Garden pays his revenge because he really doesn’t like being underestimate. The wife underestimates him and at first The Husband can only keep quiet. It shows an inequality marriage. Underestimating people only comes if one person feels greater than the other. It’s not impossible if person who’s being underestimates hurts but keeps it all inside.

“His wife sat up in bed and looked at him coldly. “You are a booby” she said. “and I am going to have you put in a bobby-hatch.” The man who never liked the words “booby” and “booby-hatch” and who liked them even less on a shining morning when there was a unicorn in the garden thought for a moment “We’ll see about that.” he said.” (“The Unicorn in The Garden” line 9-13)

It’s like revenges. He traps his wife so that his wife is the one who shut in an institution by police and psychiatrist that she herself calls. Situational irony. The Husband seems already fed up with his wife’s attitude. His wife knows how much he hates “booby” and “booby-hatch” but still she calls her husband so.

The Wife, both in The Unicorn in The Garden and Death by Scrabble is seem to be heartlessly don’t care about The Husband. The Wife at Death by Scrabble is described as annoying, mean, boring by The Husband’s point of view. Thou the hatred seems to be equal, seems like The Wife is more dominant on their marriage than The Husband

“My wife sleeps all the time. She slept through an argument our next-neighbours had that resulted in a broken door, a smashed TV and a Teletubby Lala doll with all the stuff coming out. And then she bitched me for being moody the next day from lack of sleep.” (“Death by Scrabble” line 52-54)

“It’s the hottest day for ten years and my wife is turning on the kettle.” (“Death by Scrabble, line 34)

It shows that The Wife is doing what she wants to do without caring about what her husband’s reaction, as she turns on the kettle on the hottest day. The Wife seems to be egoistic and dominate.

Both of these stories end with one who stays and one who kicked out. It shows that inequality marriages really lead to destruction. Lack of respect, underestimating each other, feeling greater than the other, are reasons why there is an inequality in marriage. In marriage, men and women are equal. They should respect each other as same as the others do. No one is greater than the others. Marriage should lead to happiness, not to destruction.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

its the way I love you

its the way you wait for me outside my house
its the way you say hello
its the way you giggle whenever I look so goofy
its the way you laugh at me
its the way you yawn and lay your head on me
its the way you bite my hand, and you let me bite you
its the way you listen to my stories, my dreams, my thoughts, my grumbles
its the way you pinch my cheeks and my nose
its the way you mad because I act like a bitch
its the way you stare with your round eyes
its the way you force me to express my feelings
its the way you hug me
its the way you ask me to lay my head on your waist
its the way you play with your cute lashes
its the way you slap me, over and over again
its the way you grumble because our provider ruins our night
its the way you say goodnight
its the way you hold my hand and put in on your chest
its the way you play with my hair
its the way you eat something spicy
its the way you react when you see me on your back
its the way you forgive me
its the way you keep quiet when you're upset
its the way you play fake
its the way you insist to stay when I yell and ask you to go
its the way you look me at the eyes
its the way you do nothing
its the way you drive me crazy
its the way you make me miss you so bad
its the way you steal my heart, over and over again

I love you, that much.

outting ♥

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Its gonna be such a hardwork one month forward. Yeah, its nearly December. It means PK, final term, assigments's deadlines, orientation, those are few steps ahead. Oh my, December has two faces; I hate those upcoming dates but on a lighter note... I cant wait till holiday :3

Anyway just watched Sketsa Robot 2.0 from Teater Sastra UI last night, damn I miss playing theatre. A lot. Great perfomance they had, btw. Love the robotic gesture a lot :> The costume, eitherrrr♥ CUTE :D Hahah anyway it ended at 12, after that me Mitha Danny Reza were heading to Tebet's Dejons to have our late dinner. Its almost 2 a.m when I got home, kinda afraid the security would have locked down the gate =____= A bit traumatic from that night when me&him were locked down outside my house sinced 1 a.m till 2 a.m because my mom's phone was on silent mode. Here, last night, I didnt have him on my side, so I was... afraid :'''''p

anyway, I love this quote

" Missing someone gets easier everyday coz even though its one day further from the last time you saw each other, its one day closer to the next time you will. "

outting ♥

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kuharap itu cukup, sayang.

Aku berusaha mencari simbolisasi tentang keberadaanku disisimu.

Pada awalnya, aku ingin menjadi udara.
Udara yang selalu kamu hirup setiap saat, selalu membuatmu hidup, selalu ada untukmu walau kadang kamu lupakan. Meresap kedalam setiap keping darahmu, memberikan nyawa untukmu.
Namun aku tidak ingin jika aku tak ada, kamu mati. Aku ingin kamu tetap hidup bahkan setelah aku pergi, kepergian dalam bentuk apapun.
Namun tekankan, aku tidak akan pernah berniat untuk pergi.
Maka udara kucoret dari daftarku.

Aku ingin menjadi bola sepak.
Ya, bola bundar itu. Aku suka saat melihat kamu bermain bola, entah secara langsung maupun secara virtual. Aku suka melihat kamu melakukan hal kegemaranmu, aku suka melihat kamu bersemangat, aku suka melihat kamu bahagia. Aku ingin menjadi hal yang bisa membuat kamu bahagia.
Namun aku tidak ingin dioper oper, aku tidak ingin dibagi bagi, aku tidak ingin diperebutkan. Aku ingin ada buat kamu, namun sepertinya main bola sendirian itu kurang asik.
Aku suka menghabiskan waktu berdua denganmu, tapi aku juga suka saat kamu senang saat berkumpul dengan teman-temanmu.
Tidak boleh egois, maka bola sepak pun kulewati.

Kubayangkan menjadi musik. Aku ingin menjadi musik.
Ya, aku tahu kamu suka musik, aku juga. Kita berdua suka musik, dan musik selalu hadir di setiap obrolan. Entah itu lipsync, sindiran, ledekan, atau ungkapan perasaan. Musik selalu dapat menemani di dalam setiap keadaan, hanya butuh playlist yang tepat.
Namun, musik itu terlalu luas. Sedangkan aku tidak bisa memilih spesifikasi musik untukmu, karna ada waktu dan situasi yang berbeda untuk tiap lagu. Lagi, musik dapat menjadi hal yang paling kubenci, karna dapat menyeret memori yang seharusnya sudah terkubur. Musik terlalu labil dan luas, tidak.
Karena, aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yang stabil untukmu.

Terfikir akan hal yang lain, namun selalu saja ada kekurangannya. Aku ingin menjadi sempurna buat kamu, namun kesempurnaan tidak pernah bisa disimbolkan, selain Tuhan tentunya. Sepertinya tidak ada hal yang dapat menggambarkan keinginan ini.

Lalu kuputuskan, aku ingin menjadi diriku sendiri. Aku, yang akan berusaha untuk menjadi apa yang kamu ingin, kamu butuh, kamu harap, namun tetap dalam konteks 'aku'. Maaf jika aku tidak bisa menjadi kesempurnaan untuk kamu, maaf jika terkadang kamu kesal dan semacam ingin memasukkanku ke peti lalu dikirim ke Antartika, maaf jika aku gagal memenuhi ekspektasimu tentang pasangan ideal.

Aku tidak bisa menjanjikan apapun selain satu hal; Aku akan berusaha hingga aku kehilangan rasa kesanggupan.

Aku harap itu cukup.

outting ♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have so many things on my mind.

The problem is.. I dont even know from what I would write. I dont even know what am I going to write, but I feel like miss blogging quite much after a week of internet-disconnection at my dorm.

I had fun last friday, yea that fun, but it turns out to be a guilt. deep real guilt. I know I'm not supposed to feel that but I know if I go on like that, I'll be damned. I really really have to make up my mind (.__. )( .__.)

Merapi is getting awful and terrible and frustating. A lot of ppl dead and now tons of people are evacuating, including mom&ale. They with grandma are moving down to Colombo. Well I really want to go there, but dad&boyf arent allowed me, better next week as the main plan. hrrrr okay =3=

know what? I really cant wait for this weekend :}

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” Distance cannot, and will not hurt a bond between two people that is based on mutual respect, trust, commitment, and love.
Although you may feel like you are losing faith in your relationship at times, hold fast and trust your heart!
I, like you, truly believe that love & relationships are what make your life special, and that ones built on love & understanding are always worth preserving, regardless of the miles that may separate two people. “

- by Stephen Blake.

outting ♥