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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

perfect 9

so last saturday, 9 October 2010, I spent it with him :3 how come? hahah yeaa I went to Jogja, without letting him know :3
I'm arrived at saturday morning around 6 a.m then went to Anin's house at 10 :3 I said to him I got a package which he should took at Anin's. I hide inside the house, he came and sat outside, Anin gave him an envelope containing letter 'hai :3'
he saw it and was like 'wtf what is this, a hai?' then I knocked on the window behind him, then waved my hand said 'hi' :3

Gosh how I love that look on his face :))

then, we spent the rest of the day together :3

but then I realized if all of these were a bad bad bad idea. I mean, if I could only spend a day with him, I nearly lost my patience. I nearly lost my self control. its like, the feeling that screams 'why I cant do this everyday? why I cant be with him everyday? why?'

and it took two days before I finally could control my self ._.

I wonder when I could see him again. its near to UTS, quizzes weeks, tasks's deadlines, even UAS -____-
perhaps.. stick to the main plan. January :)

however, thanks for that day :}

outting ♥

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