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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lifes, in recent.

migraine strikes me tonight. errgh suddenly I feel weak, and labile. this kind of pain could really boost down my mood. wtf
life goes up and down these days, but I feel happy. spent these 2 weekends with friends. watched eat pray love and sat down and chitchatted at coffee toffee, yeah life's good. moreover mid term will be held these weeks after. wish me luck :3

things got easier for me, I mean, this kind of adaptation. its been 3 months for me, living here, studying, approaching friends, adapting. I got those cool new fellas that help me and my lonesome heheh B"> we're getting close, english litareture paralel class I mean, and I enjoyed going back home late with them just like I used to when I was on school. I kinda miss those moments :')

next, I got some cool plans with my ladieees :D first, we have 'saving plan' which issss saving for buying things that we want without asking parents :> haha it will be held for 2 weeks at first, but I'm ready if we add some more ;p second, we have 'fund rising plan' huahahaha yeah we really want to work, produce moneysss$$$ but because it was still a secret, let it be a secret :P third is.. my own plan actually. healthy food :3 I feel my body is getting weak and I have serious trouble with my sleeping time, so I have to be healthy. lets start it from which food I will eat. picky picky picky lets get picky :>

anyway, Deaz's daddy had gone last sunday :'''''( I respected him, he's a good good man, and I know how much Deaz loved him. ergh, I mean loves him. she would never stop it :) I feel bad, really bad for could not being there, offering my ears and my shoulders to her. I'm sorry sweetheart, but I'm praying for your mommy and your strength. God never gives obstacles that human cannot pass. I love you, Deazty Caprina Minjarani, stay strong :''')

he's good anyway. our is good until now :) and hope for ... ever? hahah we could only hope, eh? life has its own path and I do trust God will show whats best for us :) for sure, I love him. I meant it when I said to him once if words fail to describe, because I really could not find any suitable words for it. I'm glad he's mine, and I'm proud to be his. hello sleepyhead, I'm longing to see you again, I miss you quite terribly :*

anyway, while I am typing this, Merapi has errupting and it began to ash-rained at Kaliurang and those nearby. there's a tsunami flooded Mentawai after two earthquakes hitted it. Jakarta also drown flooded because of this stupid weather =,= God, please I'm begging you, bless Indonesia. forgive us, save us, protect us. Bismillahi wallahualam.

outting ♥

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