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Saturday, September 18, 2010

its over

my two amazing weeks were over, and now me here all alone at kosan, surfing, geez
actually there's plenty of unfinished tasks but I miss blogging :"3

the truth is.... Jogja is long way to go :'|
4 months? seems like it is. geez 4 months *grumbling* I cant imagine it for fck sake, living one month back then kills, 4? bury me -_____-

do you know what makes it even harder? when he wrote those sentences in my hand, esp this one :

he wrote that right at my last night there. and when I woke up at the day I left, saw that sentence, felt like wanna tear up my ticket and stay at Jogja. but thats nearly impossible, eh? :"")

geez, its still less than 6 hours sinced I saw you but I miss you already. Fuck -,-

outting ♥

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