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Sunday, September 26, 2010

college& things around

its been weeks since I started my college year, and I'm getting myself adapt to it.
everything's new, eh?
the town, the room, the friends, the environment, the habit, everything
thanks God my friends here are superniceee! :B but still I miss them at Jogja. hiks. but we keep in touch until now. hopefully forever amen :3

and soo I started to study again -,- its been a while and I was like oh-my-God I have forgotten those english thingies that I learned on high school. but overall college is nice :3 I got 3 days off a week. tuesday, saturday, sunday. at monday and friday I have a full morning-till-evening classes -_____-

here's some picts of those college-corner at my room :3

mess -,-

the books

sticky :3

classes ;3

tasks -_-

hahah mess uh? :3
anw, at MPKT class (which is bored like hell) I made a random hand-drawing (its not that good to being categorized as sketch) here :

*isinya curhat bgt gila -___-*

after that, I finally decided to buy sketchbook :3 a tiny one so I could always bring it at class.

and its 1/4 full now. I bet you all know whats the main inspiration inside *tee-hee*

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