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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

at first I made this by pencil yesterday at MPKT's *yea again and again, that superboring class* and this morning I finished it.

with his old messy-wavy-long hair style.

anw aku ngapusnya belom bersih ._. hik malu nggak telaten :'B

outting ♥

Sunday, September 26, 2010

college& things around

its been weeks since I started my college year, and I'm getting myself adapt to it.
everything's new, eh?
the town, the room, the friends, the environment, the habit, everything
thanks God my friends here are superniceee! :B but still I miss them at Jogja. hiks. but we keep in touch until now. hopefully forever amen :3

and soo I started to study again -,- its been a while and I was like oh-my-God I have forgotten those english thingies that I learned on high school. but overall college is nice :3 I got 3 days off a week. tuesday, saturday, sunday. at monday and friday I have a full morning-till-evening classes -_____-

here's some picts of those college-corner at my room :3

mess -,-

the books

sticky :3

classes ;3

tasks -_-

hahah mess uh? :3
anw, at MPKT class (which is bored like hell) I made a random hand-drawing (its not that good to being categorized as sketch) here :

*isinya curhat bgt gila -___-*

after that, I finally decided to buy sketchbook :3 a tiny one so I could always bring it at class.

and its 1/4 full now. I bet you all know whats the main inspiration inside *tee-hee*

Friday, September 24, 2010

the distance makes us real

the distance makes us real - yellowbirddd

i know you got a little secret in your mouth
spit it out i'm listening harder than i ever have before

i know you got a little secret in your heart
spit it out i'm listening harder than i ever have before

cause you're my weakness
oh i will run so fast to your feet
yeah all your sweetness
so bright in your smile
shining out through your teeth

and i drift along these streets
with my palms raised out from my hips
waiting on a song to grace the soft talk of my lips
they always bear your name so elegant and true
another story that begs the question of what we'll tumble into

oh we can build this on independence
like 4th of july
let your fears fade away
like smoke in the sky

oh you don't have to worry
i think the distance makes us real
this space is not a barricade
it just leaves more room left to feel

on my back in your bedroom
i remember trembling in bliss
i felt something then
oh i know that it exists

so let me pull you closer now
there don't have to any rules
i like taking this slower
i'm tired of rushing like a fool

what i'd do to just lay with you
climb that ladder to your loft
i'll always buy the ticket
i don't care of the cost
cause you can't place a price on what i believe
so let me take your hand and place it on my heartbeat


I got this song from http://fyeahlongdistancerelationships.tumblr.com/ hahah I often take a look on that site these days. It helps, knowing that there are others who just like us, dealing distance and time.
and this song, it fits :3

outting ♥

Thursday, September 23, 2010


be with the one who stays with you thou you're at your worst, you're in ruin. thou you yell at him 'just leave me' and it hurts him, but he still stays, calls you, forgives you, understands you, loves you.

at a second, I hope the time stops, so I could always feel that breeze, in my heart, just like whenever I hear your voice :3

p.s : kalo tiap drop ditelfon gini, drop terus aaah :------p

outting ♥

Monday, September 20, 2010



Tapi kamu tidak tahu bahwa tadi saya sedikit berbohong. Nyatanya, jika kamu periksa jok motor saya, terdapat sebuah jas hujan yang baru dibeli tadi siang dan masih bagus. Hehehe, maafkan saya. Saya hanya merasa, ini malam yang terlalu bagus untuk diakhirkan dengan berhujan-hujanan di bawah mantrol.

Dan di emperan toko itu, kita duduk berdua. Saya rasa, relativitas terjadi bukan hanya pada prespektif pandangan terhadap sebuah benda saja. Tetapi pada apa saja.

Karena saya merasa hangat ketika malah hujan semakin deras.

Karena saya merasa enak ketika hawa menjadi semakin dingin.

Karena relativitas saya bukan lagi terhadap alam, tetapi kepadamu yang sedang tersenyum.



Di tengah perjalanan pulang, tiba tiba rintik air jatuh dari langit.
"Emm, aku nggak bawa jas hujan, gimana kalau kita berteduh dulu?"

Saya terserah kamu. Lalu kamu memarkir motormu di tepi toko kecil. Kita pun duduk duduk di depan garasi toko yang sudah tutup itu.

Kamu tahu, saya paling tidak suka dibohongi. Dibohongi apa saja oleh siapa saja. Dan dengan alasan apa saja. Namun entah kenapa, hari ini, kebohonganmu adalah pengecualian.

Saya tahu kamu berbohong soal jas hujan itu. Mungkin kamu lupa, kalau siang tadi kamu mengirimkan pesan padaku kamu mau membeli jas hujan baru? Tapi aku pura pura lupa. Lebih nyaman duduk di sini, berteduh di tepi jalan, dengan musik paling romantis-rintik hujan, sambil berbincang bincang. Dengan kamu.

"Hujannya sudah reda? Yuk? Aku takut kamu kemaleman."
Aku mengangguk. Meskipun boleh saja kalau tiba tiba hujan turun lagi.

Eh, kalau semua perjalanan kita hari ini, bukan bohongan kan?

reblogged from mbak Andin's

at first when I saw this, I remembered that night. our first night as a couple. after almost a month we're tied.
you picked me up at 7.30. I went downstair and then sat down, you came with your motorcycle and stopped behind my parked car. I walked to you, do you know if I felt so damn nervous at that night? do you know while I was waiting for you, I kept wondering what could it be I'm facing someone who has been my boyf for almost a month but at the last time I saw him we were only friends?
but you came. yeah. we drove down to cinema, bought tickets for one hour later, and then decided to look for fluff gibs near your school. then we went to balaikota, and there we burn it! we threw the fluff gib to each of us, and I'm sorry for threw it to your nose :'p
soon we realized that we're almost late for the movie, headed back to cinema. after that, rain fell down a bit. stopped by CK to bought hot chocolates and did some chat then went back home. but in a rush, the rain got heavier. we stopped by the house of strangers that seemed empty. we lighted on the fluff gib again. we sat, we waited, we chatted, all I know, we were together. lonely midnight. heavy rain. nobody else. just us :)
yeah I remember when we trapped on that heavy rain when I saw that post.
its true, anyway :B
it supposed to be cold because its raining and we're wet, but I felt warm :B
it supposed to be uncomfy but I didnt wanna leave :B
and from that night, finally, I could feel you.
right by my side. right at my heart
thank you :)
see you soon, sugar :3
I love you so much till words fail to describe:*

outting ♥

Sunday, September 19, 2010

look at his face! ♥


what in the earth si preman gangster satu ini tau2 sok imut dikucir empat gini? jengjengjeng dia kalah taruhan sama aku hahaha as usual sih sebenernya dia kalah, padahal dia yang nantang :p
jadi, waktu itu kita jalan ke amplaz mau nonton darah garuda. tapi yang jam 15.20 udah telat, akhirnya kita beli yang jam 17.30. masih ada dua jam, akhirnya kita muter2 trus ke tamansari. habis itu, kita ke gfan >:)
then, we both buy 15bucks, and playing around gfan with battle mode: ON >:) I won 4 times, he won 1 time muahaha >:) jadi dia dikucir 4 trus takfoto trus diupload fb jadiin profpic >:)
before, profpic fb-nya dia fotonya shah rukh khan :))

tapi sumpah foto shah rukh khannya nggathel banget aku gak kuat *padahal yo aku yg milih* mending diganti foto dia yg dikuncir 4 sih walau sama nggathelnya :""""B

outting ♥

Saturday, September 18, 2010

its over

my two amazing weeks were over, and now me here all alone at kosan, surfing, geez
actually there's plenty of unfinished tasks but I miss blogging :"3

the truth is.... Jogja is long way to go :'|
4 months? seems like it is. geez 4 months *grumbling* I cant imagine it for fck sake, living one month back then kills, 4? bury me -_____-

do you know what makes it even harder? when he wrote those sentences in my hand, esp this one :

he wrote that right at my last night there. and when I woke up at the day I left, saw that sentence, felt like wanna tear up my ticket and stay at Jogja. but thats nearly impossible, eh? :"")

geez, its still less than 6 hours sinced I saw you but I miss you already. Fuck -,-

outting ♥

Thursday, September 16, 2010

we'll see

kita liat aja ya.
s c r e w y o u , p a t h e t i c !

outting ♥

Sunday, September 12, 2010


LOVE was made for me and y-o-u :}

outting ♥

Monday, September 6, 2010

"thanks for making me sure if all of these are real
thanks for being real
real, no longer fake, aint we?"

outting ♥

Friday, September 3, 2010


"..neduh dulu aja. gak ada gale ya disitu? \m/"

"gak ada nih, kamu juga gak ada uhuu"

"hee apaan tuh tumben reaksinya kaya gitu :p"

you often say that I barely tell you this and that
I barely tell you what I feel inside
perhaps, maybe,
words are not good enough to represent what I wanna say
its not good enough to represent what I feel

I am sorry, sorry for not knowing how to tell you I love you so much, sorry for not knowing how to explain I miss you like hell, sorry for not knowing how to say I need you that bad.
just because I hardly tell you doesnt mean I dont feel it.
convince yourself that I will always feel it :)

words fail mine
or perhaps, I'm bad at words
you would say I do, I really do eh? uh uh :B
you're not that good neither anw :p

outting ♥

Thursday, September 2, 2010

shit, aku nyesek banget bacanya t_______t

I dont even know why, hell. it has nothing to do with me for fuck sake, then I should really not give a damn. I've tried, you know, I've tried to opened it again with a feeling like 'like hell I'd care' but fuck I did care, I do care -_-
suddenly I remembered that day, when I saw that tears, and it made me feeling like a total pain in the ass. I know I shouldnt feel anything bcs it HAS NOTHING to do with me but still I'm in guilt bcs I've made it worse.
yesterday I did a chat with my junior who has the same problem like mine, but in different case. I told her that I used to think those kind of ppl are annoying, pathetic, torturing themselves, and on and on. and she quite agreeing. but then I said :
"but when I tried to emplace myself in their position, see things from their eyes, feel with their hearts, it did hurt like hell. I dont know if I could stand on their position."
yeah I meant it. imagining if tomorrow... blah
I dont even... double blahs T.T

I know it drains energy&feeling of mine if I keep on remembering. I should really have to forget.
but it came to me as a nightmare and I found myself awake with eyes all opened.
and heart all opened too.

outting ♥