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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, its all done.


Yeah, UN, UM, and SIMAK, they're all so over and out. I can breathe normally now huh-hah-huh-hah :B

First, UN.
What a hard-five-days, felt like dying erggggh -__- I'm having some trouble with biology, and I'm hoping nothing more than just through, I mean it haha pathetic eh? I'd never ever ever love biology :'p but the rest seemed well, at least it cudnt made me freaked out (lyk bio did, have I told you that I hate it too much? Looks lyk I did. Well... Let's just hope, God has a master plan ;)

Second, UM.
Cursed anyone who made the economy's test! Shit it shudnt be that fuckin hard -___- but what so f-ing everrr with UGM haha :P

Third, SIMAK.
Well I've studied whole week and whole night and I've did all the best that I could, this is what I've been dreaming off lately, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik Jurusan Komunikasi Universitas Indonesia <3 I'm longing for that yellow blazer gees I do hope you all pray for me, it will be announce on May 15. Amien. Oh my God you don't know how much I want this :")

#nowplaying She & Him - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want ha-ha

The Result :

I failed on UM haha but its like I've knew it since I was working on it. Well I'm not upset or down or else, I'm cool with that yo fellas :P


Dengan nilai biologi 4 hahaha masihh ketawa nih kalo inget :P yeah I did laughed my ass off and realized how lucky I could be. Thanks God, you're the besttttzzzz xoxo :3

But I haven't heard any from UI. It will be announce at May 15 and now still April 27. Hrrrgh patient Nara ;) just wish me luck with this mmkay? Thanks muaaah :*