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Monday, January 25, 2010

Random ö

now listening : belle of the boulevard - dashboard confessiona

thou I'm not belle of the boulevard, this song chills me out :> its my one of now-favourite songs recent. it just gives me a feeling to keep on struggling.

dont turn away
dry your eyes, dry your eyes
dont be afraid
keep it all inside, all inside
when you fall apart
dry your eyes, dry your eyes
life is always hard
for the belle of the boulevard

these days kill me slowly but sure --'' its getting near to March and April, flash!
I feel so magnificiently random ha-ha I've no longer tweeting, rarely hit my fb and messenger and blog but still it cudnt gives any bigger shot for my study time :O
and now when everybody's getting dizzy after having CESIUM or TORTILLA, me still laying on my bed ha ha ha :P

on the next friday I'll fly to Jakarta for awarding night err all I cud say is just : FINALLY ! :D :D
our flight takes off at o6.1o a.m geez it means that I should arrive at airport around o5.3o in the holey moley morning. cursed me! but its awkay >u<

know what?
I really cant wait for friday <3