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Friday, January 1, 2010

Main resolution for 2o1o.

1. Next succeed step(s)
First of all, and I'm quite sure every 2010 wud say the same thing, I want to graduate from my senior high school with good marks and I wanna get myself into a superb college :} yeah you know what? I fall in love with UI. Universitas Indonesia. its my biggest dream until now ;) just wondering seeing myself wearing that yellow-wellow suits makes me feel like there's where I'm belong. just pray for me, its only about 80days before the judgement day(s) hwiiiw -___-
2. Breathtaking-event ;p
I want another award(s) from another film competition(s) :} I'd never get enough of this thing. there's always something more from making a film which addictive. I kinda like it ahak ahak ;B Eagle award? Internasional? who knows? :)
3. Balance --
I have to get active back on physical activites. I mean, lyk being a hikers club or less lyk joining wushu or else. I'm just bragging my tonti for this senior high period. It tans me a lot, btw -__-
4. Stick together with my friends when things make us get a lot of new comer
yeaaaah I love my friends goddamned much. I'm holding onto them, geez. theyre a part of me I cant let go ;,,) from my elementary skewl until my senior hi skewl's best friends, I'm still with them until now. hope it wud and cud lasts, this togetherness I mean. all I want is thou we get into separate colleges in separate cities, we'll hold on to each other ;)
5. Brand new me, better me. ;p
I just hope that I'd be better in this year. Physically, spiritually, emotionally, anything. somehow I remembered the things that happened and I could only regretted what I have done. oh I shudnt do this and I shud do that, if only I cud turn back time. blah~ lets hope I'm not being lyk that on my 2o11's NYE so lets make the best for and of 2o1o ;p

yours :)