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Monday, January 18, 2010

Decisions ; this far

Well, as you know that Imma science student but I wanna get into a social college. Communication, amien. and I really really fall in love with UI<33 but, no offense, I'm not even thinking about UGM. Idk why but it seems UGM is my last choice--''
SIMAK UI will be held at April 11, it means 2 weeks after UAN. I still cud catch my breath then :p but UM UGM will be held in two days after UAN. and I havent got a clue what is the most effective way to be back focus on social's material in just 24hrs after UAN -____- so,.. my plan *for now* is :
1. Get rid of UAN
2. take science's UM UGM
3. re-learn social in two weeks
4. take social's SIMAK UI

wait. I wont let you think that I just prepare myself for social's in just two weeks -- I've been learning it sinces this 3rd year. I took social's SSC :) 3 days of SSC's social class, 3 days of Private's science class. eww -____-
but I do hope it worths a future:)
and now, the question is :

whats science study that I shud choose on UGM?

and I seriously think about


yeah, it sounds so-not-into-me but thats the best option for now. God bless me >u<