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Sunday, January 31, 2010


ya, saya kalah. kalah telak haha :)
waktu diumumin tu rasanya aneh. ada beban yang hilang, tapi juga ada yang ngremukin perasaan. krues. krues. krues.
disitu aku cuma bisa diem. bener bener diem. sometime, being quiet saves you from everything. there, thyta and efel chilled me out thou I know their heart were breaking, too. and then I stepped back, and stay quiet.
papa terus nepuk kepalaku, bilang kalo aku hebat udah nyampe sejauh ini.

jadi 10 besar nasional itu ngga gampang, na. kamu hebat. anak papa hebat.

Maaf pa, tapi buat apa stuck di 10 besar nasional kalo ada terbaik nasional?

ambisius? yeah I am, for some reasons and conditions. I worked hard for this, and I know I deserve more than this. people in Plaza Semanggi cried after watched my movie, you know. but see?

you know, I can argue about it for zillion times but I could only found one reason for my lost ;

I'm not good enough, YET, but soon I'll be evenmore than this.

aku tau diatas langit masih ada langit. thats why I always wanna get higher and higher. ;)

and for those whove winned, congratulations ;)