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Thursday, January 7, 2010

after typed this, I slept well :)

okay now Ive got my reason to leave you. you're in love right? thats clear enough for me to go, because I'm hurted enough to open my eyes and move on. :)
I really could not describe what I feel right now. you know what? I had wished for this. I had wished that you're gonna hurt me so much that finally I could hate you and then leave you. yeaaa sure you did it, simply did it. :)
guess what? I dont hate you at all, because I'm sure that, somehow, you didnt meant to hurt me. you wont hurt me, right? I trusted that yesterday, I trust that now, I'll trust that tomorrow. hey, I'm still in love with those times we had, I'm always gonna be, but I'm not sure that I'm still dream about you tomorrow. I'd never forget you, mark that. but I'll find someone new that cud drives me mad just like what you have did to me. :)
funny how days go by without missing you ruined by only looking on your name. yeah, when you're not around, I already could handle myself and forget about you. but when you're around, I hardly control myself not to talk to you, not to glance at you, not to stare at you.
see? I cant move on if you're around. I cant no longer act like I'm cool in front of you, you're too attractive for being ignored. so if I wanna get over you, I should leave you. it means avoiding the spot where we have to speak. what else could it be? :')
thanks, dude. thanks for everything we had. thanks for those strengths you gave, thanks for those chats, thanks for coming, thanks for every standing by my side, thanks for everything :)