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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


aku tau aku salah dan aku harus membayar semuanya. fine, I will pay the charge. but somehow I just wanna say that I really really really hate this part and I dont even find the reason why. you hurt me, you're not there when I need you, you turn my life upside down, you dont even stick with me. okay all my friends say 'let go of him, what could you expect from a guy lyk that?' I know it sounds lame but hell all those shits werent enough for me to let go of you.
so could you please hurt me more so I could hate you?
could you please tell me that you're in love with another chick so I could hate you?
could you please tell me that you hate me so I could hate you?
blah aku tau aku terdengar sangat teramat emo tapi yaaa gapapa deh hahah I think I deserve myself a lil time off for being a strong girl ;p but back to the start, I'm not regretting any. sure I'm not. hubungan kita seru, efeknya juga seru, what a great-yet-heart-breaking months. hmm 4? or 3? no need to count. :)
and when I type this, it rains. we both love rains, eh? haha I thought that I would put it all behind but funny how it seems there's always something right there to remind me. like the weather, a silly joke, a song, or something inbetween. we had too much that time cudnt erase, eh? :...)
I cant believe I've lost you.
I cant believe that it makes me down just to watch you go.
it ends, right? or should I say, it ended?
yeah, I think I've already lost you.
I think you're already gone. you're leaving.
I know its wrong for me to count on you. Its a problem I'm dealing now. bless me, God. --
I always wonder how things gonna be when you're gone. I mean, how could I be? how could you be? how could we be? and now it happens but I'm still wondering what should I do.
How can I move on when I'm still in love with you?
AARGGGH Goddamned you, what have you done to me, eh? F. -__+

yours, nara xxoo :)