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Sunday, September 6, 2009

what the hell have you been up to, nara? shit.

the sun rises, i could see it from my window. its pink, wif a lil bit orange. i couldnt sleep again after sahur. i'm sleepy, in fact, but i'm just.... thinking now.
i'm having a dream last night, weird actually. so, your ex came to me and yelled at me. she got mad, really mad and she said that i'mma backstabber, betrayer, boyfriend-stealer, and on. i suddenly woke up, and i cant sleep again.
actually, what the hell have i been up to? am i doing right, or what? i dont know. i mean, i let it happens the way it could be. i'm taking it easy. i'd never thought that it could hurts her, maybe. i dont know, she doesnt know yet. maybe she does. ah fuck, i dont even know about it, dont care.

hell, i care! -...............- i've seen that she loves you so much. the worse part is...... she's a friend of mine. perfect, uh?

i cant stand, no longer. and i've got no option left than.. leaving you, leaving this, leaving my reherseal time. but, no wonder if it gets hard, cuz... nothing works like you.

xo, nara :)