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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Day ?

well i cudnt believe i've thru this 2weeks so fast. like in a blink of an eye, voila! tomorrow school starts again again and again. fiuh.
this holiday all i did was just shooting, playing, and tweeting (which causes a problem but whatsoever blah) and i totally forgot about holiday task. woops i mean, TASKS. those shits were so not important to get done (-......-)
i've planned to spend this last day of freedom wif thyta and maman and else, we'll be messing around in Jogja so watchout >:B
aaaand what i missed from these days which i cudnt get this year was : go to Jakarta. hell i miss Jakarta so muchhhh! oma called me and asked 'ga ke Jakarta din? ga kangen sama oma?' KANGEN KANGEN ohmygawd i MISS you a bunch, oma :(

and its been a while sinced i met my dad but it feels like a decade. hmmm about 6months? 8months? around that number. i miss my dad but sinced i used to live separated with him from i was a lil girl, i could stand on it. i could..... fake it perfectly. gee -.-

xo, nara :)