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Saturday, September 12, 2009

last day of schewl :3

pardon my late updating, lagi seneng senengnya nge-tweet nich :D click here to follow me on twitter :3
well, two weeks passed with smile, and tears. why? karena dua minggu ini gila. tugas sama ulangannya banyak bangeeeeeet eh :< i would never have the perfect time for studying. kalo laper, ngantuk. kalo kenyang, ngantuk. kapan belajarnya coba? -.-
dan lagi, tugas liburannya buanyak buanget. 200soal fisika harus rampung dalam 12 hari. rangkuman dua bab kimia juga. guru gue kaya sampah :#
cambridge examination is getting closer, and i dont even touch the material yet. shiz -.- bakal ujian yg language di oktober dan literature di november. wish me luck, bloggy ;)
tapi at all i'm so excited about the holiday. i'll working on my movie project wif thyta and efel then the coaching clinic will be held at 2october. with RIRI RIZA YOU KNOOW OH MY GOD I CANT WAIT :PPP i wanna try water blast at semarang, too. or at least, pandawa. i desperately wanna go to waterworld :S
next updates, what? loveydovey thingie? gee i cant describe it much. its blur, still. just wait until it clear aaaand i'll write about it here :D

xo, nara :)