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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

jatuh cinta itu mengikat dan saya tidak suka diikat

that's what i feel recently. a lot of couple fight and break up. a lot of people become lover. i just dont get it, whats the point of being in a relationship?
i wanna have fun. i want my relationship to be fun, too! i dont want that melodramatic hyperbole time comes to me. i just dont want to think about it when there's a lot of important things to be thinked.
okay, i need some place to lay my head. it doesnt have to be lover, right? you could do it to your bestfriend or your parents (its just common suggestion :p) and blablabla.
have i been in a relationship before? of course. i have 3 ex-es and one of them still being my close mate until now. what i love from them was we're not texting much but we know we still had each other. but it was when i'm on my JHS. now?
all boys that close to me recently wants me to spare my time to them. okay i replied their msgs but you know,,,, i'm bored with all that stuffs. yeah, bored.
when i rarely replied their msgs, some of them got mad and yelled at me "are you just play on me nara? please be serious!" WHAT KIND OF SERIOUS, DUDE? i dont feel like have to reply such a msg like "lagi apa? udah makan? udah mandi?" borrrrrrrring.
i want my boy to be fun. not all the time text me but i know he will always there for me. not always beside me but i know he'll faithful. not say "i love you" for a hundred times but i know he does :)

xo, nara :)