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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Day ?

well i cudnt believe i've thru this 2weeks so fast. like in a blink of an eye, voila! tomorrow school starts again again and again. fiuh.
this holiday all i did was just shooting, playing, and tweeting (which causes a problem but whatsoever blah) and i totally forgot about holiday task. woops i mean, TASKS. those shits were so not important to get done (-......-)
i've planned to spend this last day of freedom wif thyta and maman and else, we'll be messing around in Jogja so watchout >:B
aaaand what i missed from these days which i cudnt get this year was : go to Jakarta. hell i miss Jakarta so muchhhh! oma called me and asked 'ga ke Jakarta din? ga kangen sama oma?' KANGEN KANGEN ohmygawd i MISS you a bunch, oma :(

and its been a while sinced i met my dad but it feels like a decade. hmmm about 6months? 8months? around that number. i miss my dad but sinced i used to live separated with him from i was a lil girl, i could stand on it. i could..... fake it perfectly. gee -.-

xo, nara :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i love our times baby but i am bored. do me your best, or i'll leave you.

i need a time, i need a break. time could show us whenever you miss me or i miss you or unlucky us, we dont miss each other. hell i dont know what will it takes, our relationship i mean. if you ask about love, yes i love you, a bit. but how we move from A to B? it cant be up to me. yes lykke li it cant be up to girls :)

xo, nara :)

happy holy day

may God forgive our sins
and those who have sinned againts us :)

xo, nara :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

just so you know

this feeling's taking control of me
and i cant help it
i wont sit around, i cant let him win now :p
just so you know
i've tried my best to let go of you,
but i dont want to
i just gotta say it all before i go
just. so. you. know.

xo, nara :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

he's yours, dont get bad on me, i'm outting from you both ;)

i've talked
i've told them whats in my mind, and in my heart, thou there's something that i should kept it until i dont know when ): maybe God makes this thing easier with explained everything in just one day. and so here i am, laying with my own heartache try to front our change-awkward-relation like 'i'mma kewl dude, youve got nothing to do wif meh' whether in fact, you do. you really do. or like we used to say 'you really got me.' and yeah, you do. you just fucking do.
i'm not wanting you to be mine, actually i dont know what i want. yeah i just want this to last but unfortunately thats too impossible to be true. you have to choose, girl, dont be sucha selfishtic people.
and............... well i have to admit that she loves you so and i dont have the right to bother you. he's yours, dont get bad on me, i'm outting from you both ;)

xo, nara :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

last day of schewl :3

pardon my late updating, lagi seneng senengnya nge-tweet nich :D click here to follow me on twitter :3
well, two weeks passed with smile, and tears. why? karena dua minggu ini gila. tugas sama ulangannya banyak bangeeeeeet eh :< i would never have the perfect time for studying. kalo laper, ngantuk. kalo kenyang, ngantuk. kapan belajarnya coba? -.-
dan lagi, tugas liburannya buanyak buanget. 200soal fisika harus rampung dalam 12 hari. rangkuman dua bab kimia juga. guru gue kaya sampah :#
cambridge examination is getting closer, and i dont even touch the material yet. shiz -.- bakal ujian yg language di oktober dan literature di november. wish me luck, bloggy ;)
tapi at all i'm so excited about the holiday. i'll working on my movie project wif thyta and efel then the coaching clinic will be held at 2october. with RIRI RIZA YOU KNOOW OH MY GOD I CANT WAIT :PPP i wanna try water blast at semarang, too. or at least, pandawa. i desperately wanna go to waterworld :S
next updates, what? loveydovey thingie? gee i cant describe it much. its blur, still. just wait until it clear aaaand i'll write about it here :D

xo, nara :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

you made me want you oh so bad, it hurts

addicted to : boys like girls - love drunk

maybe its better if i know, maybe its better if i dont.
maybe its better if i'm wrong, maybe its better if i'm gone.

xo, nara :)

biarkan :}

biarkan aku tersapu embun, menyatu dalam khidmat pagi
aku ingin merasakan hidup tanpa ritme
tak beralur dan tak bernada
biarkan aku terhempas ombak, menyatu dalam buih putih
aku ingin merasakan hidup tanpa gejolak
tenang mengalir dan tak menghanyutkan
biarkan aku terlindung awan, menyatu dalam gelap bayang
aku ingin merasakan hidup yang teduh
tanpa peluh dan panas membakar
biarkan aku larut dalam seluruh tetesan hujan
agar aku dapat hilang dengan penuh kesejukan

xo, nara :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what the hell have you been up to, nara? shit.

the sun rises, i could see it from my window. its pink, wif a lil bit orange. i couldnt sleep again after sahur. i'm sleepy, in fact, but i'm just.... thinking now.
i'm having a dream last night, weird actually. so, your ex came to me and yelled at me. she got mad, really mad and she said that i'mma backstabber, betrayer, boyfriend-stealer, and on. i suddenly woke up, and i cant sleep again.
actually, what the hell have i been up to? am i doing right, or what? i dont know. i mean, i let it happens the way it could be. i'm taking it easy. i'd never thought that it could hurts her, maybe. i dont know, she doesnt know yet. maybe she does. ah fuck, i dont even know about it, dont care.

hell, i care! -...............- i've seen that she loves you so much. the worse part is...... she's a friend of mine. perfect, uh?

i cant stand, no longer. and i've got no option left than.. leaving you, leaving this, leaving my reherseal time. but, no wonder if it gets hard, cuz... nothing works like you.

xo, nara :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


that day,
i almost fell in love with you.
that close, heartstealer. that close.

xo, nara :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

heart beats, but it goes wrong

what should i do, then?
baaaaaaaaaaaaaah. love is self-destruction you know.

xo, nara :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

jatuh cinta itu mengikat dan saya tidak suka diikat

that's what i feel recently. a lot of couple fight and break up. a lot of people become lover. i just dont get it, whats the point of being in a relationship?
i wanna have fun. i want my relationship to be fun, too! i dont want that melodramatic hyperbole time comes to me. i just dont want to think about it when there's a lot of important things to be thinked.
okay, i need some place to lay my head. it doesnt have to be lover, right? you could do it to your bestfriend or your parents (its just common suggestion :p) and blablabla.
have i been in a relationship before? of course. i have 3 ex-es and one of them still being my close mate until now. what i love from them was we're not texting much but we know we still had each other. but it was when i'm on my JHS. now?
all boys that close to me recently wants me to spare my time to them. okay i replied their msgs but you know,,,, i'm bored with all that stuffs. yeah, bored.
when i rarely replied their msgs, some of them got mad and yelled at me "are you just play on me nara? please be serious!" WHAT KIND OF SERIOUS, DUDE? i dont feel like have to reply such a msg like "lagi apa? udah makan? udah mandi?" borrrrrrrring.
i want my boy to be fun. not all the time text me but i know he will always there for me. not always beside me but i know he'll faithful. not say "i love you" for a hundred times but i know he does :)

xo, nara :)