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Monday, August 24, 2009

stuck in reverse

my mom said that was the best for you when i said this was the best for me. i should have known if momma know best but i just... want to make a decision by myself. if i'm wrong, just let it be wrong so i could learn to stand myself up and fix it. from mistake, people grow, aren't they?
sometimes we have to choose between what we need and what we want. it could be in a such different way y knw, i hate to choose. because i cant choose. i always ask anyone to help me when making a decision. big decision, i mean. but then i realized that you cant count on anybode elseee. i have to learn trusting myself thou i still... doubt myself :|
well, my mom said that she wants me to get into UGM. all i wanna learn is just communication, and the best college of it was UI :) 2nd one was.. Atmajaya. i prefer to study at Atmajaya than UGM (in communication's case) but she doesnt allow me ;'''(
i would love to study at UNPAD than UGM (no offense, guys) :-)
we'll see then, could i make it? i have to :-)
xo, nara :)

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