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Saturday, May 16, 2009

lovelife (or lofelive?) ;p

i want to know why you always have to be gone. you're not the one who get into my life at first, funny boy who text me 5 times if i dont reply his text just to make sure i'm okay. now you were just the boy, not my old-it-boy. are you walked out of my life? hell yeaah i'm okay wif that because i dont wanna get into relationship smooch at these times. but, what i feel, it just, too fast :( i still want to have you near me and beside me. i still want you to wake me up in the morning and be the one who stay with me until i fell asleep. i want to keep it that way but it looks like you got tired with me. hehehe =p
then, bye my mbatangmen ;) hihihi thanks smooch for accompany me in this couples of weeks. i heart you :)
xo, nara :)