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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 things

yesterday i read raditya dika's post about patronus charm. he write few things of his happy moments for, you know, if you want to make a patronus, beside you have to say the charm, you also have to remember all your happiest moments in your life. now i will try to write the happiest moment in my life
1. when i was winning english story telling championship all DIY at 4th grade of elementary school. it was my 1st personal championship and when my name were mentioned, i hugged my mom and i cried!
2. when i get 2nd rank on all 5th grade and 6th grade on elementary x)my mom and my dad was so happy ;)
3. when my father comes to jogja and we just sit somewhere with coffee and chit chat like a normal father-daughter would do :)
4. when i've got into 5jhs jogjakarta and my name was on the list of 'calon siswa akselerasi' my mom kissed me and hugged me in front of the table :D hahahahaha i miss that moment
5. when i'm hanging around with my mates just go somewhere to eat, to chat, and to talk from heart to heart. to scream our lungs out. to laugh until we cry.
6. when someone tell me that he loves me :)
7. when me and my letskilldiaz win the 1st thropy of movie competition :D oh my God that was the most unforgettable moment but.. -________________________-
8. when me and my marching squad win the 2nd thropy of PPI kota :D rain rain rain ;)
9. when i win the 1st thropy of english debate :D
10. when i see the audience of my theatre show stand up and give their applause and ovation then talk to me
'congratulation, director. you've done an amazing show. it was awesome.'
how about you? ;)
xo, nara :)

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