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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday :O

I type this on Friday math class feat mr. Narlan. GOSH i hate Friday schedule! It was 6 hours lessons and three subjects. Each subject has 2 hours and three of them doesn’t make any sense. First, Religion with Mr. Syahrullah. I hate this one. I remembered one day that i sat on the corner of the class looking outside the window and he just argued at me saying
“what do you looking for outside?”
“not a thing sir ehehe”
“You are supposed to look at me and hear what i say! Now can you repeat what i have told you?”
What? You just talk to yourself.
“eeeer something about forgiveness?”
And then he kept talking shit yeaaaah and then he argued with nisqul who sat next to me. Believe it or not he talked less more like this
“do you can pray?”
OMFG if nisqul doesn’t wear a jilbab doesn’t mean that she can’t pray you moron! Finally he told us to sit at the front of the class. -____________________________________-
The second one is this Mr. Narlan’s math class. He’s not that cruel at this 2nd years and as long as he doesn’t bother me i think we were good enough ;p
The third one is Mt. Heri’s physic class. Ewww he used to teach at the last hours but i just don’t like this guy. I remembered one day when one of his sheet was gone and he kept mad at class. Few minutes along Izza told him that the sheet was in Izza’s bag. It was .. ketlingsut ;p and guess what? He mad at izza and called him a thief and an liar person. Izza should ask for Headmaster sign if we all want to go home. What a jerk =3=
Yeah i really hate Friday. I want to go home noooooooooooooooooow please let me go hooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :O ahahahahaha ew i’ve got stomachace ;(

xo, nara :)

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