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Friday, April 17, 2009

For one of my best.

When it all happens to an end, why God make this so hard?
I’ve said that this shit's not worthed to ruined our time
Should I scream it just to make it clear?
Well I’ll wait until you listen every word I have to say
How long could it be?
But if from deep down you have no interest to set things straight, why should I?
I do love you and I do care about you
For you I would bleed myself dry
But are we growing up or just growing down?
I shall to trust that it's only the matter of time
But my hope begins to fade
I prefer to be quiet one than have to make you cry
Can you get this? I love you sure but somehow I can’t stand on your act
But I don’t want to see you hurt, too.
Please please forgive me
But I was hurt too
You can say I’m dying now

xo, nara :)

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