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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last afternoon i fell asleep at my car when i was on the way to went back home. I had some dream. I guess this one have to be written here.
So i was sat in front of the dkz (5 JHS) waited for my mom. It was a quiet afternoon, i don’t know why i just alone (in fact, i rather die than have to be alone somewhere ;p) and suddenly he came and sit beside me. It was my old friend, alm. Brilianto Ahmad Fauzan or what we used to call uzan. He passed away when i was on my nine grade, just a couple of days before final exam. In my dreams he sat next to me and looked at me with his silly face and then we had some chat.
“ what with you nduk? “
“ nothing, just got some pain. Why? ”
“ haha nothing. Your face told me everything that you hide from me. Come on you are my friend since we were in elementary school. I’ve seen all your mood and how you face it. That makes me know at this time that you are dealing with some problems now. ”
“ haha i miss you then because i don’t get some boy friend that just like you. You know me from deep down inside and you also know how to help me dealing my problems with my love life hahahaha i miss you so mad ! ”
“ well i’m happy now, and i hope you all happy too, downthere. ”
And then i woke up. I was sweating thou the AC was on. I was speechless considered that he was already gone. Does he really comes after me or it was only absolute imagination? Maybe uzan can answer it by himself ;p hahahah JUST KIDDING! Masya Allah Astaghfirulloh ;p;p
I’m not crying, at all. I was so happy thou it sounds creepy.
I miss Uzan :(

xo, nara :)

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