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Thursday, March 5, 2009


on a miles miles away from here
theres someone who lived in the past
he used to control my life, my mood, my strength
he used to make me feels good when i'm down
he used to protect me and make me feel safe
he used to get my feet back on the ground
he used to sing me a love song
and he used to love me like i do for him
when he went off few years ago from me, my life were off, too
figured out that aint no other people can hug me as warm as yours
aint no other people can treat me like you do
aint no other people can love me as beautiful as you do
because for me, aint no other man but you

but 2 years has make me grow enough to realize that i can switch my life from off since he went off to on if i want it to be on
i've figured out that no one can back me up except myself
i learn that theres a huge world out my emptiness and i've learn how to fix myself, i've learn how to stand still, i've learn how to survive
thru it all, for him, i just wanna say thanks thanks thanks a lot for making my fifth semester on my junior high being awesome and i'm pretty sure that i've got over you! :)
xo, nara :)

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