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Thursday, March 5, 2009

so little time so much to do ;p

its been a long time since i've updated this blog. since my laptop's missing (shitshitshit) i count on public internet place and for nowadays, i dont have a lot of time to go there.
like i said, this 2nd semester were HELL HECTIC -__________________- and for less than a month, i will have my middle examination and thats suck. i dont get too deep on this semester's lessons and what could be worse?
i type this on studio after i cleaned it with bunga, iza, and efel. GOSH DO YOU EVER SEE ANTS KINGDOM? come to me. i'll show you one of the best -.- guarantee. hahaha finally they fix the circuit. yeaay keep it up :D hope the fan will be fix, too ;p

lifes went pretty hard for me these weeks ;( i've got a lot of problems, jobs, and duty. somehow, i really wants to change this old daily lifes into something fresh. not just wake up, go to school, touching NP (soon: GVT and TT :9) researchment, went home, sleep.


when you fight with your beloved one, are you prefer to be quiet one? thou you are so damn mad to them, but when they speak their madness to you, you choose to be quiet and not defense yourself thou you know you was right. do you ever be on that position? do you ever feel tired to speak to them? do you ever prefer to keep your thought inside the box and throw it away? because you know that whatever it takes, no matter if you were right or not, they just dont want to be blame on. you exactly know about it. have you ever be this way? because i do. i really fuckin do and i got tired being like this. ;(;(;(

xo, nara :)

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