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Monday, March 30, 2009

absolute grey ;)

as the rain falls,
wash away all marks that you have left
good and bad, what's the different?
life is still rolling on a same pattern
and the earth still stand
keep listening 'things wont be the same without you'
sure, it wont be
but no one says that it will be absolute grey, no
as the rain falls,
i'm here waiting patiently
now its cold, now its dark
perhaps it will be a heavy storm
but in the end, there will be a rainbow
and the sweet fresh smell of wet grass
and the warmness of sunshine
and we will be flourescent back :)
xo, nara :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Updates: TeladanYelling Team :D

while typing this, i see these Teladan's Yelling Team practice for next sunday :) eeeeew it was...... entertained gyahaha i cant find better word than that :0 so this was izza, maman, izan, khulqi, yoga, gusta, nanda, arda, ando, uma. yeaaaaaay it will be great(s) :))

xo, nara :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i love marc jacobss :D:D

just look at the shooes !! that was my favourite parts :D:D

he just make it good and it was match with indonesianese. right? :D

xo, nara :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

time goes by and here come the nightmare

Yeah, for a less than 3 months I’ll have my last year on my senior high school periodic time. This is my true nightmare yeaaaah because it means that:
1. I should pass the A-Level Cambridge Examination as a result from my international program endorsed by Cambridge these 2 years. Each of us should choose the subject like; English, math, physic, chemist, biology, and stuffs. Me? I will choose English for sure but sometimes I also think about choosing math too. But I’ll pay more concern to English because FYI, English have 2 sides. AS Level (which is we’ve learn this far) and A Level (we don t get into this lessons). I wanna take both of it, means I have to study the A Level or Literature by myself. Ergh ;( afraid? Sureeeeeee huhuhu my senior passed this. One of them takes 4 lessons. Physic, Chemist, Math, and Furthermore Math euuuw sucks. And he gets awesome scores. A-B-C-D for four of it. And there’s a lot of my senior didn’t pass the AS Level of English, only two peoples pass it. OMFG what will I be what will I be what the hell will I fucking be 
2. I should study oriented for my college too. For this, I really want to go to communication or international relationship. It all social so I should study social too for this years. At here, I was so upset I’m not moving on to social program for my second years in senior high school but past is past, now see the future and face it better than you did on your past. One thing that you’re dealing with your past is just what lessons that you could get. Actually I don’t give some interest to UGM, I prefer UI or UNAIR or UNS than UGM. Idk why I just wanna out from jogja. Got tired and bored being here but I don’t want to leave my friends. So they should come with me hahahaha what a selfish mind :b
3. ITS MY LAST YEARS OH GOSSHHHH I’ll leave NP <33333! This is the hardest point for me. Imagine that I’ll leave NP, there’s someone else take care of it aaargh how if they couldn’t take NP nicely? How if NP will dead end or else? How if my junior don’t care anymore with NP? If I could bring NP I swear I’ll do it :{
Lalala time still clicking and nightmare’s getting closer. I’m not sure I’m ready but somehow I’m sure I will get ready for it

Thursday, March 5, 2009

so little time so much to do ;p

its been a long time since i've updated this blog. since my laptop's missing (shitshitshit) i count on public internet place and for nowadays, i dont have a lot of time to go there.
like i said, this 2nd semester were HELL HECTIC -__________________- and for less than a month, i will have my middle examination and thats suck. i dont get too deep on this semester's lessons and what could be worse?
i type this on studio after i cleaned it with bunga, iza, and efel. GOSH DO YOU EVER SEE ANTS KINGDOM? come to me. i'll show you one of the best -.- guarantee. hahaha finally they fix the circuit. yeaay keep it up :D hope the fan will be fix, too ;p

lifes went pretty hard for me these weeks ;( i've got a lot of problems, jobs, and duty. somehow, i really wants to change this old daily lifes into something fresh. not just wake up, go to school, touching NP (soon: GVT and TT :9) researchment, went home, sleep.


when you fight with your beloved one, are you prefer to be quiet one? thou you are so damn mad to them, but when they speak their madness to you, you choose to be quiet and not defense yourself thou you know you was right. do you ever be on that position? do you ever feel tired to speak to them? do you ever prefer to keep your thought inside the box and throw it away? because you know that whatever it takes, no matter if you were right or not, they just dont want to be blame on. you exactly know about it. have you ever be this way? because i do. i really fuckin do and i got tired being like this. ;(;(;(

xo, nara :)


on a miles miles away from here
theres someone who lived in the past
he used to control my life, my mood, my strength
he used to make me feels good when i'm down
he used to protect me and make me feel safe
he used to get my feet back on the ground
he used to sing me a love song
and he used to love me like i do for him
when he went off few years ago from me, my life were off, too
figured out that aint no other people can hug me as warm as yours
aint no other people can treat me like you do
aint no other people can love me as beautiful as you do
because for me, aint no other man but you

but 2 years has make me grow enough to realize that i can switch my life from off since he went off to on if i want it to be on
i've figured out that no one can back me up except myself
i learn that theres a huge world out my emptiness and i've learn how to fix myself, i've learn how to stand still, i've learn how to survive
thru it all, for him, i just wanna say thanks thanks thanks a lot for making my fifth semester on my junior high being awesome and i'm pretty sure that i've got over you! :)
xo, nara :)