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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


late updating blog. i've knowed lately that blogspot is not having a mobile version like multiply grrrrr yeah no such thing. hell yeaaah i'm on my fourth semester now and it sucks, guys. why? let me tell you from my holidays at pangandaran.

oke. pangandaran starts from late-coming train grrr but is no matter, i have two things i lay on. my amazing groups, and him. shit it makes me remember that unnecessary stuffs and I HATE IT SO. why? because now i'm not with him anymore. let just forget about it.
well, pangandaran was awesome! you must check that white sand beach and snorkeling at it. aand you have to eat their seafood (i went there, twice :p) and trying tandem, surfing etc etc :D rawr i want to go there again :(

entering this SHS again started with full training of marching squad and making sponsorship's booklet and chase the deadline of pagelaran grrrr it's been a hectic time and thanks God i dont have enough time to think about him :D hahahaha

xo, nara :)

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