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Saturday, January 3, 2009


holiday's almost done. only 8 days left, 3 if you think pangandaran's not a holiday. one thing that i've missed on these days was jakarta huhu its been a loooooooooooooong time since may 2oo7 i'm not going there. hell yea i miss that city ;( i miss the mall (sure) dimas and my others family. my friends also ask me kamu ga ke jakarta nar? and i'll answer nope, dont have time oh jeeze what a school i have :
at a times, people ask me what do i like from jakarta. uhm for me, live at jakarta may be hard but for a daughter like me (again, daughter) life was pretty easy haha you dont have to confused how will you go to somewhere because all part of jakarta has been touched by public transportation. the point is jakarta's more complete than jogja. idk why i cant reach them by words. so, i'll hope you understand.
i will go to semarang this afternoon for celebrate my father's birthday. my father is 40th tomorrow, wish him a long life :D and will be back on jan 5, preparing for pangandaran on jan 6, and then go to pangandaran jan 7 until jan 10. rest at jan 11, going back to school at jan 12 ooooooooh i hate this part!
my second semester on my eleven years will be great. i'll have exacta's stage, lcc's stages, casting for pagelaran, presenting my pagelaran and get ready for my usda job on january. will have CNT, TUC's stage, practice for pagelaran blabla on february and a lot of job few months along. my question is what about my academic's? and the answer (this far) was who's care? hahaha

xo, nara :)

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  1. yup..
    who's care
    just let me take a breathe for a moment..


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